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~ Copyright 1996, David Naquin ~

A court is in session,
A verdict is in.
No appeal on the docket today.
Just my own sin.

The walls are cold and pale,
The cage made of steel.
Screams fill the room,
alone i drop and kneel.

Silence now the sound,
my breath the only motion around.
Demons cluttering around,
my face showing no emotion.

Shackled by my sentence.
Expecting no return,
here there is no penance.
My skin begins to burn...

I hear a thunder in the distance,
see a vision of a cross.
I feel the pain that was given,
on that sad day of loss.

A lion roars in the darkness,
only he holds the key.
A light to free me from my burden.
And grant me life eternally...

I cry out to GOD,
seeking only his decision.
Gabriel stands and confirms,
I've created my own prison...

"My own Prison" by Creed

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