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These ominous clouds dwarfing the Statue of Liberty were formed by the smoldering remains of the World Trade Center. This breath-taking daytime photo captures the darkened aftermath of that tragic day. My friend who was living in Brooklyn that day wrote the following heartfelt poem about it. I think it's one of the best I've read!

Morning sun, clear blue sky,
sounds of fury gone awry.
Ashes everywhere today
lives of loved ones gone this way.


Ashes in the wind we see
part of you and part of me
covering all what used to be
a shrouding veil of memory.


Metal wings on wind foray
an unexpected violent day.
Twisted pain and hearts in loss
ashes in the wind blew 'cross.


That of which we loved and knew
our home, our friends and family too
on wings of birds in heaven flew
that carried sorrow, shock, dismay
as ashes in the wind this day.


Clear blue sky turned to grey
silent minds and hearts this way.
Prayers that there will never be
more ashes in the wind to see.


Never Forget !
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  Poem: "Ashes In The Wind" written and � 9/9/03 Frecs
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The photo titled "Liberty Under A Cloud" by Tom Dowling of Brooklyn, NY.
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Midi... "Reflection" by Nostravamus

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