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I like to dream about magical things,
Crystal balls and mystical rings,
Dragons that fly high in the sky,
Birds that soar but never fly,
Crystal Castles that float in the air,
Oh! How I wish I were there.

Mountains of silver and flowers of gold,
Stories read but never told,
Ancient books and things so rare,
Knights of old and damsels fair,
Unicorns, Hobbits and a Dragons Lair,
Oh! How I wish I were there.

Horses with wings that never die,
Men who speak and never lie,
Purple skies and clouds of pink,
Ships on seas that never sink,
Children in our world without a care,
Oh! How I wish I were there.

Flowers in bloom all year long,
Birds never without a song,
Grass as green in December as June,
Oceans and rivers and seas on the moon,
Cosmic Forces afloat in the air,
Oh! How I wish I were there.

People who care and share in strife,
Friendships that last thru all of our life,
Prejudice, racism a thing of the past,
No violence, no hatred, no stones being cast,
Souls wander the heavens without a care,
Oh! How I wish I were there!

It's only a dream you say?
I say, "Maybe one day."

Poem by Christina M.
(used with permission)

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