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Fairy Tales

I once believed in Fairy Tales
and a happy ever after,
the magic of the unicorn,
the innocence of laughter.

But the Fairy Princess doesn't dance,
no prince to take her hand,
no knight in shining armor
and the castle's only sand.

I once believed in Fairy Tales
and that wishes would be granted,
that clouds had silver linings
and the forests were enchanted.

But the rainbow doesn't have an end,
there is no pot of gold,
the four leaf clover's wilted
and the leprechaun's grown old.

I once believed in Fairy Tales
and that lovers never part,
that I'd find that special someone
that I could give my heart.

Poem by Barb Heller

"The Lily Fairy" was painted in 1888 by Luis Ricardo Falero.

I found The Lily Fairy at Brian Yoder's Gallery of Paintings, a "great" online gallery!

Midi: The Land Unknown/FF5 By Nobuo Uematsu
Sequenced by Andrew Thompson

~ Flowers from Lady Dj's ~