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The stars crept across the clear night sky
and over the moon lit hill.
A noble beast gave a lonesome cry,
as he pranced in the cool night chill.

Ghostly white body and thick golden mane
stand out like a shimmering light.
And a single golden horn, the gift of its name,
like a lone tower piercing the night.

Deep emerald eyes reflect a sorrow,
the loss of his dearly loved mate.
At the hands of men, who stole, not borrowed,
her beauty, through envy and hate.

Every night on a wind swept hill,
the last unicorn cries his lonely call,
And every night in the cool night chill,
only an echo answers at all.

Poem by ~ Kerri ~

-used with permission


Background Graphics
by Penny Parker

The unicorn image was found at...
~ Lady Oh's Gifs and Jpgs ~