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There are moments when I am
entombed by my own darkness.
It's weight is almost
more than I can bear.
The blackness pulls me in
until I'm sure that I am lost.

And then...
Out of the corner of my eye...
I see the light!
It reaches out with glowing fingers
through a small and weathered
window of hope.

As it fills up the room
with blinding white,
it branches out and splits off
into tiny dancing rainbows.
They find me then caress me
with their colors.
I hear their voices speak.

They say, remember,
do not make a feast of all your pain.
Walk away when you are full.
You can not learn from
more than you can hold.

If you fill your heart with love,
your light will see you through the dark.
Use your gifts and know that you will Shine.

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Poem "Shine" by ~Elizabeth Reineke~

"Eclipse" ~ image by Kelly McLarnon

Midi "White Sunshine" is an improvisation,
composed by Adolfo C. F. Mendonca Jr. from Santos-SP, Brazil.

Thanks to Susan Marie for the lovely bars.